4 Strip Card Games: A Twist on Originals

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Strip card games offer players something different than the same old poker, euchre or bridge game. With some creative changes, any card game can be turned into a strip card game of a simple nature or one where the rules are very loose. See what card games can easily be turned into a strip version and what kind of rules to change so you have fun while playing cards.

Strip Card Games from Regular Card Games


One of the more popular strip card games is strip poker.. You can play any version of poker you want; instead of chips or money, you play with clothes. By that, any hands that lose a round must remove clothes. At the beginning of the game, all the players should be clear on how clothes are removed. Some common ways include the following:

  • The winner of the round gets to choose what article of clothing is removed from all players.
  • At the end of each round, one player removes an article of clothing at the winner's choosing.
  • Before a session starts, everyone agrees that the losers follow the sequential order of clothing removal, like everyone starts with his or her feet and works upwards.

Poker is a strip card game that is great for four or more players and especially suited for co-ed participants.


With four players, Euchre already gives you enough players to make a card game with strip rules possible. Euchre is very similar to bridge, in which players try to win hands by having the highest card when four cards are played. The trump card outranks other cards, just like in bridge. Most Euchre games are played to 10 points, and if you want to use Euchre as a strip card game, then a simple rule is that the losing partnership must remove an article of clothing for each point. If someone is wearing 10 items of clothing or less, then he or she will be nude by the end of the game.


War is such a simple game, like checkers, that it easily converts into a card game with strip rules. Players flip over a card, and the higher card wins. What kind of rules can you incorporate into Strip War?

  1. A player removes an article of clothing with each hand lost. This can be a rather quick game.
  2. In batches of five or ten, the player with the most winning hands gets to pick an article of clothing the loser must remove.
  3. Clothes are removed by the loser of a battle. A battle occurs when there is an equal valued card shown and the players lay face-down three more cards. The next card determines the winner.

War is an excellent game for two players, as is strip chess, but others can play, provided the scoring rules are balanced to accommodate the additional players.


Probably an uncommon game to associate with strip games is Blackjack. It really comes down to the dealer against the rest of the players, so if you decide to play strip Blackjack, then try to make it fair if the dealer loses. Basically, the dealer removes an article of clothing if any of the players win a hand. Unfortunately, if you have quite a few players, then the dealer may end up losing all his or her clothes rather quickly. Change the rules a little so that if a majority of the players win a hand, the dealer must take clothing off.

Changing the Rules

Any card game can be turned into a strip game. All you really need to do is formulate rules around when clothes are removed. Typically this is when player wins a round or is able to win a hand. The key is making clothing removal fair for everyone involved. Try not to let one person dictate or be in charge of creating all the rules. Get everyone involved so that the entire game is fun. If one or two players are really good at a certain game, generate some rules that make it harder for them to win.

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4 Strip Card Games: A Twist on Originals