Strip Checkers

Updated August 25, 2021
Couple playing Strip checkers board game

If you're looking for an unconventional way to spice up your love life, why not try a game of strip checkers? The game is as easy as you remember, but now you really can lose your shirt playing. However, everyone is a winner when playing strip checkers.

Play Fair

Before playing strip checkers (or strip chess), make sure you're comfortable with the people that you're playing with and the game itself. It may seem like a good idea when you start playing, but if you aren't comfortable, you may regret your decision; but keep in mind that it's never too late to back out of the game. Also, make sure that it's a fair game - each person playing should have the same number of clothes on before the game begins. No stacking on four pairs of socks or five layers of outwear to avoid going bare.

Original Strip Checkers

In the original version of strip checkers, each player writes the name of articles of clothing on the underside of each checker piece. The checkers are then randomly placed on the board.

When a checker is captured, the person whose chip was captured must remove the article of clothing on that chip. If the clothing item is covered by another, the clothing does not have to be removed until later. For example, if you are supposed to remove your sock but you still have shoes on, you would not take off your sock until your shoe is off.

How Much Clothing to Wear

In checkers, each player has 12 pieces, so for stripping purposes, you can wear 12 items and have each item represented by one chip. However, wearing 12 pieces of clothes may not be very practical, especially in those sweltering summer months. An alternative to heat stroke is to assign multiple checker pieces to one piece of clothing, with either player only having to take off that article of clothing once both pieces have been removed from the board. For example, two checker pieces could be designated for a shirt. When playing, you would only take off your shirt when both of the checker pieces labeled as your shirt are captured.

Alternative Strip Checkers

If the original version of strip checkers is too tame for you and you really want to take a walk on the wild side, consider this more advanced version. Before beginning this game, keep in mind that advanced checkers will get more sexually involved than your average game of strip checkers. Therefore, this version of strip checkers is best played between partners or that both parties are fully consenting to the adventure.

How to Play Advanced Strip Checkers

You can start the game by writing down a fantasy you would like to perform with your partner.

Each player then strips down to four pieces of clothing. Typically, this can look like a shirt, underwear, pants, and socks or a bra. However, there's no limit as to what kind of combination you can come up with, and the zanier the better.

Once you've stripped to only four pieces of clothing, you can begin to play checkers like normal. Each time you capture a checker piece, you remove one item of clothing. Continue doing this until both players are naked.

Continue playing the game, but now when you make a capture, you get to choose to do something to your partner or have your partner do something to you. You can really let your imagination go wild with this one. Play continues until someone wins by capturing all of the other player's pieces. Once the winner is determined, they'll reveal what fantasy they chose, and then comes the fun of getting to bring that fantasy to life.

The Stakes Just Got Higher Than Ever

Whether you're looking to try something different with your partner or want to feel the thrill of playing a high stakes board game, you're sure to have a fun and revealing time playing strip checkers. So, break out your favorite pair of socks and stack on the layers because it's time to make game night a little frisky.

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