Strip Twister

group of friends playing strip twister

Strip Twister is exactly what it sounds like: an adult version of the Twister game that you may have played as a child. The basic rules are the same, but the additional rules below will keep the game fair, fun, and safe for everyone playing.

How the Game Is Played

There are two ways to play Strip Twister. It can be used as a party game, with a group of men and women, or it can be used as a couples game. Either version uses the Milton Bradley game, Twister.

Group Game

When the game is played in a large group, there is usually drinking involved. In fact, one set of rules specifies that the game not be played until the players are slightly tipsy, as it will make the game last too long. The more the players have had to drink, the more difficult it will be for them to maintain their balance.

Rounds of Strip Twister can be played with a mixed group or just one sex, depending on the preferences of the group.

A person that is not playing that round should be chosen to spin the spinner and call the colors. When one person is left who hasn't fallen and has clothing still on, that person is declared the winner.

Couples Game

In the couples version of Strip Twister, one of the participants will have to be the designated spinner. This means that the spinner will need to be kept close to the person spinning it at all times. The couple can adjust the game rules to fit their preferences. The game winner will be the one who still has clothing on and has not fallen, just like in the group version of the game.

Contents of the Game

  • Large vinyl mat with multicolored circles on it
  • Spinner
  • Traditional rules of the game


The Twister game mat is placed on the floor with the colored circles facing up. Players remove their shoes and step onto the game mat. The game moderator then spins the spinner and calls out the body part and color that the spinner lands on. For example: left foot green.

Rules of Strip Twister

  1. The standard rules of Twister are used in Strip Twister.
  2. All players must be wearing the same number of articles of clothing at the beginning of the game.
  3. When the spinner lands on red, the players must remove one piece of clothing after they have moved their hand or foot to the designated spot.
  4. If a player falls, or an elbow or knee touches the mat, he or she is out of the game.
  5. When removing clothing, only one hand or foot is lifted from the mat at a time and must be placed back in the exact spot it was on.
  6. Any player found to be wearing extra clothing must remove the extra clothing plus one more article of clothing as a penalty.
  7. There is no penalty for wearing less clothing than the other players
  8. The winner is determined by the same rules as for the traditional Twister game.

Tips for Play

  • If you are going to be playing Strip Twister, make sure you have clean underwear on.
  • Decide before the game begins if jewelry will count as items of clothing.
  • If you become uncomfortable with the game, stop playing.
  • Be sure that all players are consenting adults.
  • If you are playing the couples version and decide to continue the play after all clothing is removed, decide ahead of time how you will end the game and what will and will not be allowed.

If you are not very limber, you may be interested in more sedentary games like Strip Checkers or Strip Chess. You get all the fun without the muscle strain.

It's Your Game, Have Fun With It

Strip Twister can help a group of adults to shed their inhibitions along with their clothes, but it's more likely to be played by couples spicing up their love life. Either way, it's an activity to be shared more than a game to be won. Relax, don't be afraid to adjust or ignore the rules, and above all be ready to laugh and enjoy yourself.

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