The Moment of Truth Game: What You Need to Know

Updated August 6, 2021
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Many of you have seen the Moment of Truth game show on FOX, but you can now bring it home as a board game! Gather your friends and learn everything you need to know about the Moment of Truth Game.

What Is the Moment of Truth Game?

Telling the truth for some can be very difficult, but not when a possible $500,000.00 is at stake. No secrets are left uncovered, no lives left without a bit of ruin and distrust. The Moment of Truth Game is controversial, to say the least.

Moment of Truth American Game Show

Contestants are asked a series of questions while hooked up to a lie detector. Out of those questions, only half are chosen to be asked on air. You sit under the lights with a few of your closest friends and family members staring at you as the questions are asked. If you answer honestly, you move up to a new money bracket, but if you answer falsely, then your game is over, and you go home with nothing.

The show was a smash hit success because television viewers just couldn't stop watching to see what sort of dirt the contestant may give up or what silly question they will lie on. It's this popularity that spawned the idea to create a board game based on the same idea: truth pays.

The Board Game

The Moment of Truth game is published by Hasbro and takes small liberties on the television version. The game board version of the show cannot live up to the drama or severe fibs. What Moment of Truth does offer is a fun time for adults. The game is best played with three to six players as you need the following:

  • A host to ask the questions
  • A contestant to answer the questions
  • A panel of "judges" to determine if the contestant is lying or not

Game Play

The game is relatively simple. The host draws a card from the pack of 100 and asks a question. The questions range from corny and funny to sultry and even shocking.

Moment of Truth Questions

Some of the questions that are included in the game are:

  1. Have you ever spied on a neighbor?
  2. Have you ever visited a nude beach?
  3. Have you ever stolen money from your child's piggy bank?

The cards for the board game version of Moment of Truth are nothing like questions they ask on the FOX show, but they are questions that anyone can answer.

The Judges

After the question is asked, the contestants can take a few moments to ponder it. Once they are ready, they will answer it as best as they can. This is where it gets fun because the panel of judges gets to decide if they think you are lying or telling the truth. If they all agree you are not telling a lie, you will move up in the money bracket. If they think you are telling a lie or cannot come to an agreement either way, then they break out the polygraph!

Lie Detector

Moment of Truth the board game comes with its own lie detector. This thing certainly will not hold up in court, and it doesn't even come with its own batteries. You take the lie detector in your hand (it is a biometric reader) and the question is asked again. You take your time and answer truthfully. If you are lying, the biometric reader will let everyone know. The reader measures body temperature and heart rate which are both heightened when telling a lie.

Winning the Game

The player that answered all the questions honestly and made it to the top of the scoreboard is the winner of the game. It pays to be honest in Moment of Truth!

What's in the Box

The retail cost of the Moment of Truth game is under $20 and can be found at all your major retailers and is meant for 3-6 adults. The box includes:

  • A biometric lie detector
  • 100 cards filled with questions ranging from the mundane to the shocking
  • Instructions

The Moment of Truth Game

Although the actual reality game show is grueling to watch at times it is also fascinating to see what people will do for money. The home game version is a lot of fun but don't play unless you're ready to reveal some secrets that may prove harmful to life after the game. The Moment of Truth could make a great gag gift for a husband or wife.

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