Twister Board Game: Learn About the Classic Game (Without Fumbling)

Toddlers playing Twister

The Twister board game is a test of the dexterity of the players as they twist and bend their bodies while trying to remain upright on a giant floor mat. It can be a great game to play when bored. The game can be played indoors or outside by two to four players in about ten minutes. The game is designed for players age six and older.


The Twister game was designed by Charles Foley and Neil Rabens. It was first published by Milton Bradley in 1969. It became an immediate hit when Johnny Carson, the host of The Tonight Show, played the game on television with Eva Gabor, a sexy Hungarian-born actress. It has remained one of America's most loved games. The game is now published by Hasbro.

In October 2007, 450 high school students from Fargo, North Dakota set a world record for the largest Twister game mat by taping together 180 mats. The resulting Twister mat measured 4,699 square feet, exceeding the standing Twister mat record of 2,453 square feet, which was set in 2005 in the Netherlands.

How to Play the Twister Board Game

Twister is very easy to learn and is an excellent icebreaker for groups of people. It is a fun way to get kids and adults together in a fun atmosphere. It is often played at school, college and family parties.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is for players to be able to successfully place their hands and feet on colored circles as directed by the spinner.

Game Set-up

The Twister board game includes:

  • Twister floor mat
  • Twister spinner

Open the floor mat on the floor or rug with the colored dots facing up. If playing Twister outside, be sure to place heavy objects on the corners to keep the floor mat from slipping around.

Starting the Game

All players remove their shoes and step onto the mat, placing one foot on a yellow circle and the other foot on a blue circle.

Players then pick a moderator who spins the spinner to direct a player which of their body parts they have to place on a specific color circle on the Twister floor mat. The spinner will select the body part -- the left hand, right hand, left foot or right foot and the color circle -- red, blue, yellow or green.

Each player has to put the selected body part on the selected color circle. Identical body parts from two different players cannot share the same circle. So, a player may need to stretch across the mat to find an unoccupied circle of the same color. Players are eliminated if they fall or touch an elbow or knee to the ground.

Once a player has placed a body part in a color circle, they can lift the body part temporarily to let another player pass, but the body part must then be returned to the original color circle.

The game is great fun for adults and kids. As the game progresses, the laughter of the players will increase as players twist and turn themselves into "human pretzels" in order to stay in the game. Twister is an excellent learning board game since it is a fun way to practice balance, coordination and color identification.

Winning the Game

The goal of the game is to stay in the game as long as possible without falling or touching the floor with an elbow or knee.


Some players feel that the best strategy is to keep opponents at one end of the floor mat with a limited number of colored circles on which to play. This limited area is likely to cause the opposing players to lose their balance and fall - and lose the game.


There are several editions of the Twister game and floor mat:

  • Twister Real Mini Game and Pieces - This travel version of the game does require a floor mat. Small colored dots are included in the spinner. The game is recommended for ages six and older; however, the small dots would be a safety hazard if ingested by young children.
  • Twister Dance DVD - The game contains four Twister-designed mats and a DVD with 40 dance lessons in hip-hop to Latin beats.
  • Twister Game Rug - This is a 32" x 52" rug with the familiar Twister colored dots. It is packaged in a clear plastic carrier that makes it really portable.
  • Twister Beach Towel - This 55" x 70" beach towel is printed with Twister dots and would be a fun pool or beach party accessory.

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Twister Board Game: Learn About the Classic Game (Without Fumbling)