Voting Games for Kids: Help Them Understand an Election


With voting election board games, children can develop an understanding of how the democratic process works.

Learning About Voting and Elections

Children hear about elections and voting on a regular basis through the mass media and in their social studies classes. They even participate in elections through the process of nominating and electing student council representatives. One of the best ways to help kids grasp what voting and elections are all about is with board games designed to teach these concepts in a fun and interesting way. Such games can be engaging, fun, and educational.

US Voting Election Board Games Children May Enjoy

  • 1960: The Making of the President by Z Man Games is a two-player game board game based on the 1960 United States presidential election. Players take on the role of either Richard Nixon or John F. Kennedy, and compete to win electoral votes in this game of strategy. This game is appropriate for individuals 13 and over.
  • Election USA simulates running for president in the United States. Created by Mongoose Publishing, better known for producing high quality computer games, the Election USA board game is designed for individuals 12 and over. Both entertaining and educational, players take on the role of republican presidential hopefuls vying for the party's nomination.

Free Educational US Voting and Election Board Games

  • Print everything you need to play Election Word Bingo, an educational game designed to help children learn and understand the language of democracy. This activity is suitable for grades 3 - 12.

International Voting Election Board Games Children May Find Interesting

  • Die Macher deals with political elections in different regions throughout Germany. Players vie for victory points in each region with the goal of leading their party to victory in the national elections. This game was originally created in 1986, and updated versions were released in 1997 and 2006. It is designed for three to five players ages 14 and up.
  • Junta is an unusual board game in which players each hold different positions of power within the ruling Junta. The players have differing voting abilities, which are used to elect "El Presidente" at the beginning of the game. Players may attempt coups and assassination attempts, with the underlying goal being to end up with the most money stashed away in a Swiss bank account. This game is suitable for those 12 and over.
  • Quo Vadis is a game of negotiation and politics in which players navigate their way to greater prestige in the ancient Roman Senate. This game is for kids 12 and older, and can be played by 3-5 people.
  • Vatican: The Board Game is an interesting and educational game that teaches players about the process of progressing from Cardinal to Pope within the Catholic Church. The game is designed for players 15 and up, and can be a teaching tool for history and theology courses.

Importance of Voting and Election Board Games

An important part of developing an understanding how government works is developing a working knowledge of the concepts of voting and elections. Board games designed around the concepts of the political process can be powerful tools for helping youngsters understand the political process in their own country and throughout the world.

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Voting Games for Kids: Help Them Understand an Election