Best Places to Buy Board Games Cheap

Shopping for cheap board games

You can buy classic and generic board games at nearly every store and online retailer. If you want to get the best deals on cheap board games, however, you'll need to know where to look.

Inexpensive Online Game Shops

Board game manufacturers and big name box store websites sell tons of the latest games, but they don't always have the lowest price. You can use a website like to search for the lowest online price on any board game.

Noble Knight Games

Noble Knight Games boasts over two decades of business and a quarter of a million in-stock products. While they do carry current games, one of their specialties is out-of-print games. This gaming-focused company also features special services like buying your used games either as a trade for store credit or a cash sale.

Look for games by genre, popularity, or what's new. If you really want a great deal, check out their extensive clearance section. And if you happen to be in Janesville, Wisconsin, you can stop by their only brick and mortar location. New party games like Codenames start at under $20 while kids games in mint condition like Spot It start under $10. Customer Pat raves, "Your customer service and personal attention really puts y'all over the top."

Miniature Market

Founded in 2004, Miniature Market has been rapidly expanding and sells over 50,000 products online in addition to their retail stock at their only store in St. Louis, Missouri. While they do ship internationally, U.S. purchases over $99 come with free shipping. Frequent shoppers can join the Miniature Market Customer Appreciation Program and earn one point on every dollar, which can then be spent on future purchases.

The unique Wishlist feature allows you to list items you may want to purchase later. You'll find only new board games that are popular or collectible at Miniature Market, but you can also buy board game accessories like dice and play mats. Games range in price from about $5 to $80.


You can find new and used board games from this year and decades past on Amazon. This one-stop online shop is one of the best places to find games that are popular and trending. You'll also be able to find replacement items like the "Confidential" envelope for a Clue game or individual Scrabble tiles here.

Buy a classic game such as Monopoly for under $15 or a newly popular game like Settlers of Catan for around $35. Since Amazon is such a huge retailer, the customer experience is tops and includes hundreds of reviews for most products.

Low Price Retail Locations

While you can find used games at yard sales and thrift shops, other inexpensive stores promise unopened games in better condition.

Card and Comic Shops

If your town or city has a comic book store or card shop, they'll likely carry some collectible and trendy games. Ask if they take trade-ins on used games or other collectibles to get an even better deal. Card shops will most likely have sports or role-playing games in stock, while comic book stores will feature specialty superhero versions of classic games.

Dollar Tree

Customers in search of classic board games like checkers or chess can find $1 versions at local Dollar Tree stores. Most stores also carry seasonal items that change throughout the year and include small generic board games for each holiday. Their educational section also features original, simple board games for kids. Since everything in the store is a dollar, you might even be able to buy all the supplies needed to build your own board game.

Off-Price Retail Chains

Stores like TJ Maxx, Gabe's, or Big Lots that sell name brand items at discount prices include cheap board games in their toy and novelty gift sections. The selection of available games depends on what's stocked at the location closest to you. While you might not find a specific game you have in mind, these stores are great for finding big deals on popular and unique games.

Everyone Can Become A Gamer

Everyone from kids to senior citizens can enjoy old or new board games. Shopping at low-price retailers helps make gaming accessible and affordable for anyone with a competitive spirit.

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Best Places to Buy Board Games Cheap