Playing Cribbage Online Free

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Playing cribbage online

Cribbage has been a favorite game for centuries. While the traditional game is meant for at least two players, modern technology makes it possible to play the game online for free by yourself, or to play against other online opponents.

Websites With Free Cribbage Games

There are many choices for free cribbage play online via your computer. A few sites to get you started are:


The eCribbage website has many varieties of cribbage to choose among. You can choose from the traditional game plus 13 other variations. Options include Kings Cribbage, Cribbage Baseball, Team Cribbage and more. In order to use the site, you will need to create a free account and have Java enabled on your computer.

You can play against the computer or with others. The site also holds tournaments where players compete with random opponents. The top players compete against each other for trophies. The site features testimonials from pleased users who stress the friendly community atmosphere and helpful support admins. The site has over 100,000 registered players.


You can play cribbage for free on your own or against other players on, one of the most popular and active casual gaming websites. Setting up an account is free, though you don't have to do so in order to play. (You may play in guest mode.) The site also has a community for players to chat with each other, though you will need to register in order to participate. Tournament play is an option, but is open only to Club Pogo members. Joining requires a $6.99 subscription fee. A paid subscription also allows you to enjoy ad-free game play.

If you play on a Windows-based computer, you can only use recent Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers. Chrome and Edge are not compatible. For the Mac, you can use Safari or Firefox. AOL, Chrome, Opera and older versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer are not compatible. Java must be enabled on your browser.

Rubl Games

Cribbage is free to play on, with options for single and multi-player games. There are two variations offered: five card and six card cribbage. Flash and Java are required to play in a browser, though there is also an HTML5 version. While the site does not seem to have been updated since 2016, there are several hundred active players online regularly.

Free Cribbage Apps for Mobile Devices

If you want to play Cribbage on-the-go for free, there are many app options for Android and iOS devices. As with most no-cost mobile game apps, you'll have to deal with ads. However, it is possible to remove the ads for a small fee.

Cribbage Pro

Created by Fuller Games, Cribbage Pro is a free app available for Android and iOS devices. The app features three levels of difficulty, multi-player tournaments, and trophy achievements. It also allows for private message chats with friends. The game has almost 50,000 reviewer, the majority of which are very positive. If you want to upgrade to the ad-free version, you'll need to pay $2.99.

Ultimate Cribbage

Available for Android and iOS, Ultimate Cribbage by Wild Card Games is a popular and highly rated no-cost app. It offers six player difficulty levels, as well as Muggins and Shotgun variations. If you are a new player, there are live hints to teach you the game. You can also read explanations of how a hand was scored. There is additional gamification with daily challenges and the chance to earn medals.

Currently there is no online multi-player although the developer has announced it is in the works for future versions. The game has in-app purchases for coins ranging from 99 cents to just under $100, but these are not necessary to play.

Enjoy Cribbage Online

If you find yourself wishing for a way to play Cribbage but don't have a partner, you'll can play all you like online, without having to spend any money. Whether you use a computer or a mobile device, there are many options for both single and multi-player games.

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Playing Cribbage Online Free