Chess Pieces: What They Look Like

The Chess Board Is Ready

Seeing images of chess pieces makes it easier to understand the role of each chess piece during game play. A game of strategy, chess players maneuver their game pieces around the board to capture their opponents's king.


The king is the most important chess piece on the board and can move in any direction but only one square at a time.


The most powerful of all the chess pieces, the queen can move in any direction (vertically, horizontally and diagonally).


The bishop moves diagonally for any amount of squares as long as there is no other chess piece blocking its path.


The rook can move vertically or horizontally for any amount of squares as long as the path of the chess piece is being watched.


The knight moves in an L-shaped pattern. It is the only chess piece that can jump other pieces.


The pawn, also referred to as the foot soldier, can only move one or two spaces at a time.

The King Is Surrounded

The black king is surrounded by white chess pieces.

Images of Chess Pieces: Checkmate

The white king is defeated by being checkmated. He is not able to move in any direction. Read more chess rules for more information about playing the game.

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Chess Pieces: What They Look Like