3 Sites to Play the Parcheesi Board Game Online for Free

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If you love the classic board game Parcheesi, you can now play it wherever you are through these online platforms. Challenge friends and strangers or play against the computer to test your strategies and skills on any computer or mobile device.


Gamers who love the classics but want some modern animations and sound effects will love the Parcheesi Ludo Mulitplayer-Classic Board Game by Playspace. You'll have to sign in with Facebook, Google, or a Playspace account to play this free rated 'E' game. The computer version allows you to either enter random online games where you'll have to wait for another opponent to login or look for current online players and challenge them. Users give this version nearly five out of five stars, mostly for the fun graphics and music.

You can also download the game for free from Google Play or the App Store. In these multiplayer formats, you can customize your pawns with emojis, invite friends to play, or chat with your opponents. The 2018 updated version is meant for android 4.1 and higher or iOS 7.0 and higher. You'll have to deal with in-app purchasing options and ads in the mobile versions, but it allows you to play on the go. Choose the Ludo Party Team option to choose your partner. Turbo mode gives you the fastest game play possible while private mode allows only your friends as opponents.


Play the classic board game free online at Tabletopia, a digital board game arena full of licensed games. This version is for die-hard board game players who want the feel of sitting around a table with friends, but the convenience of participating in a game anywhere and any time. Thanks to the board design and camera angles, this game feels unlike many other online games.

Guest players in this PC or Mac game can play on one table for free. Once you start a game, a unique room is created. From there you either have to wait for another player to log on, share the URL with friends, or share the game room via Facebook so they can join your game. To sign in as a guest, you just need to enter a nickname; you don't have to create an account. You then choose from either two, three, or four players in a basic setup. A typical game lasts about thirty minutes to one hour, but if others aren't online or you don't invite friends, you can't play at all.

Tabletopia Parcheesi Online Game
Tabletopia Parcheesi Game

Casual Arena

If you like options and customization when you're gaming, try Casual Arena Parcheesi online. You can play for free on Apple devices and computers or on Android devices and PCs. Play as a guest against random players, login with Facebook, or email to invite your friends as opponents. This rated 'E' game shows you current and recent player rankings and includes private or public chat groups. Simple mouse skills are all you need to move around the board and win. The best feature of this platform is it keeps the feel of playing a board game without adding in a bunch of high tech animations and sounds.

In the free version, you get tons of choices for game play including:

  • Create a custom avatar with two to three options for each category like head shape and color, hair style, shirt, facial features, and accessories.
  • Keep a list of up to 25 friends.
  • Play online against random players or challenge the computer to a game in the offline, or training, mode.
  • Select a standard red, yellow, blue, and green game board.
  • Choose variation options of one or two dice, barriers or no barriers, starting piece or no starting piece, and number of players from 2 to 4 including couples play.

When you opt to upgrade your membership, you get these exciting extras.

  • VIP includes 1,500 to 2,250 daily chips, no ads, and no daily limits for about $6 per month.
  • Premium status costs a little over $10 and gives you 3,000 to 4,500 chips daily plus free shops and a friend's list of up to 5,000.
  • With both upgrades, you also get free access to exclusive rooms like the Passport, Tourist, Priority, Business, and Luxury rooms as well as public chat rooms.
  • There are themed Parcheesi boards with fun characters, patterns, or colors.
  • Game variations include captures, target, or barriers of different colors modes.

Game Time Any Time

Take the fun and excitement of classic board games wherever you go when you play Parcheesi free online. Whether you like an old-school feel or more modern graphics, these variations help make any time game time.

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3 Sites to Play the Parcheesi Board Game Online for Free