Risk Board Game: Variations, Components and a Quick Overview

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Considered the first mainstream game of war, players of the Risk board game try to conquer their opponents and attain world domination.

About the Game of Risk

A French film maker, Albert Lamorisse, created a game called La Conquete du Monde which means Conquest of the World, in 1957. The game was produced by the French company Miro which was affiliated with Parker Brothers in the United States. In 1959, the Parker Brothers Company published the first edition of the strategic war game called the Risk Continental Game.

One of the reasons for the game's popularity was the unknown concept of non-linear movement. At the time, this type of movement on a game board was completely unique and intrigued players as they mapped out their strategies to destroy the armies that stood in their way of ruling the world. Although the rules of this classic board game are relatively simple, playing involves planning and strategic thinking.

Components of the Risk Board Game

The exact components of the game of Risk differ based on the game edition and variation. The basic components of the game include:

  • A game board featuring the map
  • Six sets of miniature armies
  • Risk cards
  • Dice

Risk Game Variations and Editions

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Throughout the years, there have been many variations and editions of the popular game of Risk.

There are eight editions of the original version of the game, the Risk Continental Game. In each of the editions there are changes which include the addition of new game pieces, new game cards or changes in the material or number of game pieces. Editions were released in:

  • 1959
  • 1963
  • 1975
  • 1980
  • 1990
  • 1993
  • 1999
  • 2004

Other variations ands editions of the game include:

  • Castle Risk released in 1986 focuses on Europe
  • The Risk 40th Anniversary Edition, released in 1999 features metal playing pieces and a game board that is color enhanced
  • Risk: 2210 A.D., released in 2001, takes players into the future as they play for territories on the moon and in the ocean
  • Risk: The Lord of the Rings, released in 2002, takes players into the depths of Middle earth
  • Risk: The Lord of the Rings Gondor and Mordor Expansion Set, released in 2003
  • Risk: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition, released in 2003, is a combination of the other two Lord of the Rings editions.
  • Risk Godstorm, released in 2004, takes players on a journey based on ancient civilizations and mythology as armies of the dead from the underworld fight for a chance to be resurrected to the living
  • Risk: Star Wars the Clone Wars Edition, released in 2005, takes players into the universe of Star Wars as the join in the fight of the Clone Wars on the side of the Republic or the Separatists
  • Risk: Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition, released in 2006, takes players on a journey into the universe of Star Wars as they fight on the side of the Hutts, the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire
  • Risk Junior: Narnia, released in 2006, is the first edition of Risk made for young children
  • Risk: The Transformers Edition, released in 2007, is played on a Cybertron map and players join either the Decepticons or the Autobots
  • Risk: Halo Wars, released in 2009, is based on the video game Halo Wars

Online Versions of Risk

If you enjoy playing the board game Risk, you may enjoy playing the online version of the game. The following are a few of the game websites providing Risk for free:

Where to Find the Board Game Risk

The board game Risk is available at many brick and mortar locations including toy stores, big-box stores and department stores. There are also many online retailer that offer the classic board game including:

Strategies, Tips and Resource Links

If you are looking for a new addition to your family game collection that is challenging and entertaining, the Risk board game may be the perfect game choice.

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Risk Board Game: Variations, Components and a Quick Overview